Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Best DIY pedicure !

I have extremely bad callouses on my feet and while I love using and trying products, my poor little feet are often neglected. The thick skin has been building up since I was dancing ballet when I was young, up until now as it builds up through my gym training and walking in high heels. I have tried professional foot spa - the results were good but didn't last very long.

This is the best DIY pedicure that I discovered recently! You can now get a professional pedicure at home. Use this method to keep your feet smooth and soft in between salon pedicures:

1. Take a hot, relaxing shower or bath, or if you have time, a foot spa.

This step helps softening the thick skin of the feet.

2. Once the feet are dry, use Ped Egg from JML (about £7; there are various equivalent products on the market as well, but this is the one that I bought) to remove excess hard skin on the balls of the feet and the heels.

The Ped Egg looks a bit like a grater for cheese grating. Remember to use a gentle pressure while 'grating' your feet to protect the skin from excessive damage.

3. Use Boots No 7 Perfect Pedicure to smooth the skin. Use the pumice stone, the coarse, fine, and the buffer in this order (approx 1 min for each setting on each foot). This really smooths the dry and flaky bits on the skin caused by the Ped Egg. I bought this on sale on Christmas eve 2009 for about £9.

4. Use Boots cracked heel balm (£4.49 for 50 ml). This is a Boots own brand equivalent of the original Flexitol heel balm. Both contains 25 % urea which softens and moistens the cracked skin. Apply this all over the feet.

5. Put on a pair of cotton socks, leave them overnight while you sleep.

6. You'll be amazed at the results the next morning!!

I recommend using this method once a week for maintenance, and use the cracked heel balm once or twice daily.

Hope it helps, and enjoy the DIY pedicure at home !

1. Medical note: this method is not suitable for diabetics, as the feet are more susceptible to infections in diabetics and therefore require expert care.

2. From my experience, using the Ped Egg or the Boots Perfect Pedicure set alone does NOT achieve effective results. The Ped Egg is really coarse, and therefore smoothing the skin afterwards is essential, which is why I suggested this method to be followed up by a gentler 'Perfect Pedicure' method. On the other hand, the Boots Perfect Pedicure is way too gentle and is inefficient in removing the very hard skin, leading to disappointing results if used alone.

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