Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The first design 'Blush Dream Earrings' from Bohemian Design Studio was born

Finally, my first piece of jewellery was created!

After spending many months searching for the perfect pieces of jewellery and accessories to match my perfect wedding dress, I've discovered my love and passion in shopping for beautiful, sparkly and glamorous things. When my husband and I returned from our honeymoon, he asked if I wanted to do something crazy. I was totally intrigued. I mean, why not, I'm still young, and what have I got to lose. 'Have you thought of designing and making your own jewellery?' He asked. I was a bit shocked. 'Make? ... Hm ... interesting. You know I have millions of beaded bracelets, necklaces etc, and when they start falling apart or eventually tarnish, I let them rest in peace and shop for new ones. I haven't thought of repairing or saving them. So nope. Never thought of making them from scratch.'

The next thing I know, my lovely husband bought some findings and his analytical and creative mind kicked in. 'Here's how you can make a pair of earrings.' He showed me his 'prototype' version of a pair of earrings I bought in Barbados. I was AMAZED!! 'OMG... you can do this?!' I thought if a man can make a pair of earrings, I'm sure I can do the same , only even better! This was how I started designing and making jewellery back in July 2009.

Suffering from post-wedding and post-honeymoon blues, the first design from Bohemian Design Studio Blush Dream Earrings evolved around love and romance.

Blush Dream Earrings

The big pink foil glass bead (just under 2 cm in length) is the main focus, decorated by a smaller pink sparkly Swarovski crystal, giving it a touch of glamour. 925 Sterling Silver.

This amazing pair of earrings is fantastic for all occasions: wedding, honeymoon, holiday, everyday wear, evening formal wear.


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